Fun With Kids: Hari Raya celebrations, Indian New Year open house

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APR 07, 2024, 


SINGAPORE – Make family time all the more special with these ideas and activities.

Celebrate: Hari Raya

Hari Raya is fast approaching, and one boy is helping his parents make ketupat decorations and bake butter cookies.

On the eve, the family heads out to Geylang Serai to enjoy the bazaar food and street lights.


The Moon Over Geylang Serai is author Valerie Pereira’s fourth title in the Celebrations In Singapore picture book series, which introduces young readers to different festivals.

She is joined by illustrator Aliyah Jamil this time.

Buy a copy at $14.90 on publisher Epigram Books’ website


On April 10 – the day of Hari Raya itself – watch children’s variety special Juara Mic Junior Berhari Raya.


It features skits by RIA 897 presenter Zuhairi Idris and young actors, as well as popular Raya tunes by the alumni of Mediacorp’s Malay children’s singing competition Juara Mic Junior.

The show airs on Suria at 10.30am and also streams on mewatch.

Visit: Indian New Year open house

The Indian Heritage Centre has lined up dining experiences, craft workshops and performances at its Indian New Year open house. PHOTO: INDIAN HERITAGE CENTRE

Experience eating a South Indian lunch by hand or explore the flavours of a Malayalee feast, which typically comprises 20 to 30 dishes.


These two vegetarian meal workshops ($25 a person) are among the festivities at the Indian Heritage Centre on April 13 and 14.

Its open house will showcase traditions observed by various Indian sub-ethnic communities on Indian New Year, which is celebrated in April.

Catch free cultural performances at the Indian New Year open house. PHOTO: INDIAN HERITAGE CENTRE

Entry is free, as are most activities, which include cultural performances, henna and craft stations. Enjoy complimentary vadai and chai during teatime too.

Find out more at Registration is required for selected programmes at

Watch: Disney animated movie Wish

Wish was developed to commemorate The Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary. PHOTO: DISNEY

For those who missed animated movie Wish when it was showing in cinemas during the 2023 year-end school holidays, you can now watch it on the Disney+ streaming service.

The musical comedy’s protagonist is 17-year-old Asha who lives in the kingdom of Rosas. Its promise of wishes coming true has inspired people from around the world to call it home.

But when Asha learns the harsh truth that most of the wishes will never be granted, she decides that she cannot sit around and do nothing.


Wish was developed to commemorate The Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary, so its creators have packed the film with references to earlier movies. Have fun spotting familiar settings and cameos, such as Peter – from the 1953 film Peter Pan – among the Rosas residents, and Bambi, the title deer from the 1942 animated classic.

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